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Rules & Registration


Wristbands must be worn on the wrist ONLY and cannot be displayed on any other part of the body. Failure to properly wear wristbands will be grounds for removal.

Children under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian with them and that parent/guardian will be responsible for their supervision at all times during the event.

Parking allowed in designated areas ONLY.

Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited.

Smoking in designated areas ONLY.

No animals allowed on site. (Except those identified for medical assistance purposes.)

Spectators must remain in designated area and not enter any restricted area at any time.

Route 99 Cruz In Car Association will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour by any spectator. Unruly actions or words directed towards racers, other spectators or officials would be grounds for removal.

Noise levels associated to the Grudge Drag Race event may exceed normal levels. Hearing protection is recommended for everyone attending.


Upon entering the event, racers agree to follow the rules and policies and that all interpretation of the rules, questions and protests are left to the discretion of the Event Official.

All racers are responsible for understanding and adhering to Route 99 Cruz In Rules and Regulations set out here. Please review prior to the race event.

Upon entering the pit area proceed to the registration table to register your vehicle and sign a waiver and release.

Once registered go to the Tech Inspection Area where your car will receive a safety inspection by Tech Officials and assign a number to your car.

If you are required by the Event Tech to drain your antifreeze, please do so accordingly.

If a vehicle does not pass initial tech inspection you will be refunded your entry fee only. The tech sheet must be provided to the Registrar in order to be refunded.

All drivers must be at least 16 years of age. If under the age of 18 a waiver and release will be required from parent/guardian.

Route 99 Cruz In encourages you to contact your personal insurance agent to research the best option for you to meet the new insurance requirements for auxiliary vehicles. Your coverage options may vary depending upon your existing insurance coverage, your particular place of residence, and whether the auxiliary vehicle is licensed for street use. But, as general guidance, coverage may be obtained through purchase of an endorsement on your personal auto or homeowner’s policy or through special policies offered by various insurance companies. Professional race teams can secure coverage under their Commercial General Liability and/or Commercial auto policy.

No consumption of alcohol or prohibited substances at any time. If anyone is observed drinking alcohol in or around your pit area, you will be disqualified and asked to leave.

If Pit Personnel have reason to believe that an individual is under the influence of alcohol or prohibited substances, that individual can be disqualified from competition and asked to leave the area.

NO DOGS ALLOWED unless you are a racer that travels with a dog. Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times. Owners are responsible to pick up after their dogs. If you fail to do so your racing privileges can be suspended.

All pit support vehicles must display a corresponding number with its race vehicle. Auxiliary pit vehicles must be used for necessary transportation only. Joyriding, cruising or recreational riding is prohibited. Route 99 Cruz In has the right to reject any motorized pit vehicle depending on its design, condition, appearance or construction.

All racers must have their vehicles tech inspected and ensure that the Tech Inspectors signature appears on the tech sheet. Racers are responsible to report any major changes made to the race vehicle during the event to the Tech Inspector that may require a new inspection.

Drivers must wear full-length pants and shirt (no shorts, muscle shirts, tank tops, open toe shoes or clothing made of nylon type material allowed) T-shirts acceptable.

All cars running slicks regardless of ET must have a driveshaft loop.

No burnouts, spinning or torqueing in the pit area. No riding on cars.

All race vehicles and support vehicles will observe a 20 km (10 mph) speed limit in the pit and staging area.

Do not enter staging area until your number has been called. Windows must be rolled up when staging if applicable. Seatbelts must be worn if vehicle is equipped with them.

All drivers in convertibles must wear a CSA approved helmet.

All passengers in a race vehicle must wear a CSA approved helmet.

DO NOT remove your helmet or loosen your seatbelt until you are off the racetrack.

OIL DOWNS-If you experience any difficulties running down the track, pull over immediately to the side of the track and safely stop. Wait for the safety crew to arrive and give you directions. It is recommended that an oil containment device be installed on your vehicle.

CAMERAS must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners (no suction cups, tie wires, hose clamps etc.) Exterior mounted cameras must have all metal fasteners. Cameras attached to driver, drivers helmet or steering wheel prohibited.

TIME TRIALS – Number of time trials will depend on the number of vehicles, weather conditions, and time permitting


Drivers are required to wear a full helmet -No skullcaps allowed.

Drivers must wear full-length pants and long sleeve shirt (no shorts, muscle shirts, tank tops, open toe shoes or clothing made of nylon type material allowed)

It is strongly recommended that full protective motorcycle gear be worn.


Once the racing begins wait until your number has been called before coming to the lanes.

All announcements are broadcast over the PA and crew will be available to assist you.

An Official will then direct you to the burnout box.

Once you reach the burn out box you must be ‘suited up’ ie; seat belts buckled, helmet on, windows up etc.. and be prepared to race.

All cars must self-start and self-stage.

All drivers will be given a reasonable amount of time to ‘stage’ their vehicle.

New Drivers to the event will have an N put on their windshield. This will let the Starting Line crew know that you have never raced before. Watch them, they will instruct you on the procedure to follow.

Any driver leaving the starting line before the tree is activated will not receive a time. A ‘Red Light’ start will not affect your times.

Important – If you experience any difficulty on your run down the drag strip, please pull over to the outside of your lane to avoid spilling of fluids on the drag strip which will require cleanup and delay the race program.

Follow the signals and directions of the Safety Crew as they may see a problem you are unaware of. Once past the finish line please remember that the Driver in the Left Lane has the right of way.

Proceed down the return road and remember to observe the 20kph speed limit on the return road and the pit lanes while on the way back to your pit area.


All Drivers will need to Register for the Drag Race before 8:00 am on Sunday September 11th 2022. Please Download the PDF Registration Form, and fill it out. Registration Forms can be Mailed, Emailed, or Phoned in:

Route 99 Cruz In Car Club
Box 1843
Lillooet, BC
V0K 1V0


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